Sunday, January 27, 2008

hi, ho - to the Ripple we go!

gotta have pink pumps!

a dress fit for a fairy tale.

just like a dream!

i need one of these!

gotta, gotta have these!!

sister photogs
at the girly chic boutique (a betsy johnson palace!)

the loo @ Scholars Inn (was it odd of me to take snappies in the loo??)

my choco-divine (ate the whole thing and it made me SO O O O sick!!)

my dear, lovely ambie and i traveled to a pretty little place they call Broadripple yester.
we had a BLAST eating (see below) delightful desserts and visiting vintage shops and snapping away (of course!). xoxo

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cambodian affair

my very first wedding of the new year was of a 22-year-old fella from Indianapolis to his 19-year-old Cambodian bride.
these are a few of my favourite snappies from the loverly affair.

my first

allow me to preface my very first blog by declaring that i am a quirky, random type of lady. therefore, my photos are one in the same. i love to snap images of anything fresh and outstanding that strikes my fancy - whether it's a peaking flower such as the one above or a stylish stranger in stunning stilettos (may i also add that i l o v e rhymes and alliteration?).

i hope you enjoy my photos as much as i love snapping away!