Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 Random {things}

good morning and happy saturday, folks. :)
so, i know i don't usually share blogs on things other than my shoots but i couldn't resist, i say! ...

{a little shameless plugging}
this is my current pride and joy ... it's been a MAJOR work in progress for the past year and a half, but i FINALLY got the time and motivation+inspiration to finish her! ^_^
i now have her on ETSY - in case you're a collector of fine art. ;)
it's actually a likeness of Anna Paquin from a fashion mag - she's SO gorgeous and demure!
i'm hoping to have enough time to create enough more pieces to sell my paintings and photography on a semi-regular basis ... we'll see! ::crosses fingers::

annnnd! for my 2nd random Saturday tidbit, i just HAD to share this LOVELY gown ...

this site is A-MAZING for finding vintage dresses - whether it be for party or a wedding+bridal!! they're all incredibly pretty and retro - i DIE every second i'm perusing the site, hehe.
it gives me something to save for, AND photo shoot inspiration! a double whammy!

okie dokes - that's all outta me for today!
wish i could wear that little number out to the birthday party i'm out to tonight! ;)


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

chillin' with the Clark clan.

i visited my pals, the Clarks, the other weekend and got the chance to snap some family pics. i hardly get to use my macro lens and this was a pretty perfect opportunity so i was especially excited - not to mention, i got to meet Charlie and Christina's new baby girl, Mazzy {below}. ^_^

i love these guys!
the kids {little charlie + emmie} are in love with the camera and FULL of energy. it was SO fun goofing around with them while they rolled around on the floor.
mazzy wasn't quite as in happy to see my camera around as her older bro and sis, but i'm sure she'll warm to it in no time. ;)
i also must mention how AMAZING Christina looks after barely a month since giving birth to sweet wittle mazzy!!

enjoy the silliness and family love!


i didn't try to scare her, i swear it!

drooley girl!

a teen heartbreaker in the making ...

i'm feelin' the LOVE. :)

little charlie and emmie = some of the CUTEST kiddies i know.

who on earth doesn't LOVE baby feets?

one of my FAVS. ^_^

it was just a teensiest bit hard to get the kids to sit still for these, ha.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

fe + ricky: city shinanigins

happy st. patties day, laddies and lassies!

i have a special treat {or pot o' gold} for you on this bonnie day. :)

my beautiful buds, fe and ricky - who i've featured here in the past from their wedding day photos.
we did another shoot in their wedding attire after their wedding, back in the summertime, for some more stylish shots.
i've been meaning to properly edit and post these FOREVER, and now i've finally had the chance! WOOT!

they're not exactly irish-y photos but there's plenty o' green in them! ;) ;)

and THANKS AGAIN TO FE + RICKY for their fan-tastic modeling!!


SUCH a gawgeous bride!!

romance in da streets ... random passerby would gleefully congratulate them - it had been a couple months since their actual wedding so it was amusing. :)

alt=""id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5314192839472843730" />
she's got him in the palm of her hand. ;)

LOVE that they're goofballs. ^_^

dancin' in the streets!


Monday, March 9, 2009

K squared {in the city}

i posted a shoot with kevin and kimberly a little while back after we shot downtown {ie: the nicky blaine's shoot post}. but there were ample more shots that i loved, so i'm doing yet another post with these two brilliant ballet dancers. :)

i just adore shooting ballet dancers because they not only have beautiful bodies but they have endless artistic poses. they never cease to 'WOW' me.
unfortunately, the lighting was really bad here so i couldn't get quite the effect i wanted, especially with the dancing shots - just too blurry. these two are so dynamic and steamy in front of a camera, it's just a blast shooting them!

enjoy the steaminess of the K squared duo!

i'm in love with this one ... SO Eternity by Calvin Klein. :P

now, how incredible is this?!

these {see above and below} are two of my favs from this shoot - crack me up! kev looks particularly clark kent-ish here. {hot :) }

a wee bit angsty, but i love it, ha.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vera, in Indy?!?

why yes - Vera Wang was in Indy, well in fashion spirit rather than in the flesh, but it was fabulous nonetheless. ;)

cute, but kinda pregger-ish, no?


i was able to catch the bridal gown fashion show at the swanky Conrad Hotel thanks to my fab fellow fashionista friend, gabrielle poshaldo.
there were amazing hors d'oeuvres, wedding cake vendors (my personal fav ;)), and gowns (of course!).
i don't know if i found my future gown but if i had to pick from this group it would be ...

THIS little number. ;)

BEST cake vendor EVER - this little wonder was filled w/ ganache!! ... i only wish i could recall the company! she's in noblesville ...

my 2nd fav.

ok, tied for 2nd. :)

prettily etherial.

beautiful detail.

a tad too sheet-esque for moi.

work it, work it.

Eee! SO cute!

AWE-SOME train.

ginormous flower = ms. bradshaw = J'ADORE. ;)

personally, this was my favourite model.

yummy Conrad eats ...

whew! this was a long-un! all in the name of designer bridal, dahling. ;)