Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Riverside Rock 'n' Roll.

With the Manhattan skyline towering behind us and the threat of rain looming in the form of fluffy, grey clouds over our heads, me and my beau, Benny, soaked in the tunes of Jenny Lewis and the legendary band, Pavement.
Neither of us had been to the Williamsburg Waterfront concert venue before, but it was a SWELL spot to gaze over at NYC on a muggy pre-autumnal evening, while listening to great music. :)
We got to the show early enough to squeeze up front and center {for prime Jenny-spotting pleasure ;)} ... I lugged my massive, hefty L-series lens with slight hesitation, considering the pain it causes my shoulders and back, buuut, as you can see, the minor pain proved entirely worthwhile. :D

Jenny was adorable as-could-be, belting alongside her beau, Johnny!! It was my very first time seeing her perform live, so i was UBER excited. I'm still *hoping* she does a reunion tour with Rilo Kiley one of these days. ;)

PAVEMENT jammin'!! I was really there for Jenny ... ;) incidentally, after purchasing our tickets, i found out Benny was thrilled to see the guys! {SCORE}

How cute is my man? ~.^ <3

Good night, Manhattan! ... and, over the Williamsburg Bridge we went back into the city, while slurping Van Leeuwen ginger ice cream in the backseat of a gypsy cab. :)


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Carrie + Luke Pt.II {knot is tied!}

On a sweltering, yet, beautifulll day in Brown County, Indiana, Carrie and Luke tied the biggest, arguably, most serious knot that could be tied. ;)

You may remember these two fellow-Franklin College-ite friends of mine from our engagement shoot last summer, where we giggled and shot around the heart of downtown Indy.

Carrie and her twin sister, Amanda, were too sweet and adorable to shoot - especially together! The flower girls and ring bearer were also sort-of too-presh-for-words. :)

This wedding was an extra treat because I got to drive again- after 10 months of pure walking and subway travels in NYC! ... driving fast through the fields of Brown County was a blast {i've missed driving on sprawling highways - sans traffic, mind you ;)}. thankfully, i didn't get pulled over, driving my dear bro's car, heh ...

I wish the {once giggly} couple alllll of the very best, and am mega-super honoured to have been a part of their loverly wedding ... CONGRATS, Carrie and Luke!!!

... now. mayhaps next time it won't be quite as long 'til my next bloggity ... :P
happy july!!


how cute are these two {newly vowed Haworths}?

sassafrass young flower gal ...

and then ... {i was exactly the same at age, heh}

someone said something really funny ...

then someone ruined the mood ... by taking some posed pics ... ;)

flower girls a-runnin'! :)

this was truly a Franklin College wedding reunion - almost the entire wedding party and many of the guests were old FC friends or staff!

Carrie's beautious bouquet ...

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brit + Lucas = love 'n' marriage.

Just the other day, i finalllly finished editing the most recent of my wedding pictors {WHEW!}. Brittney and Lucas, who's engagement you got a peak of back in july aaand family pics back in the summer of '08, had me back to Indy to shoot their March matrimonial affair.

It was a beautiful, albeit chilly, March evening. The bridal party scooted about in Chucks, which was a perfect touch for the couple - especially the artsy groom. Lucas was the most emotional, of the couple - shaking before the ceremony {AW} - SO sweet.

loved seeing and being included in the stages of your relationship, guys. :)
CONGRATS 'n' CHEERS to the happy couple {and Evan}!!!


THE DRESS - pre-bride.

Brit's flower girl KNEW how to fix that train! :)

Word UP, Ev. ;)

Bride + maids of honour cuteness.

putting the finishing touches on Evan {he's gotten SO BIG since i first shot Brit, Evan and Lucas 2 years ago!!}.

zee ceremonial bridal Chucks, heh.

for walking down the aisle, just right. mama 'n' son Chucks. :)

the magic moment. newly wedded bliss {do you see the heart betwixt their faces? heh}.

the men of the bridal party were quite distinguished.

dresses also make very lovely shawls for when it gets chilly. how resourceful. ;)

Monday, March 29, 2010

my very first London Fashion Week {in NYC}.

last week i got an invite from a member of the British Fashion Council to check out the London Fashion Week designer showroom in the lofts at the Soho Grand Hotel {me = PSYCHED!! ^.^}.
this was my first-ever fashion showroom event of this caliper, and my, was i enamored and inspired by the intriguing fashions on display by the UK's finest in fashion!

tragically, my trusty Canon 5D {aka: my baby} could not make the journey with me ::smacks self on hand:: but thankfully, I had my new Blackberry in tow to share the showroom with you, at the very least.
it was suuuch a pleasure to meet and chat with all the designers, while soaking in their talent {drooling over every rack of clothing+accessories!}.

Maria Frencesca Pepe = creations so hott, you'll wanna sink your teeth into 'em {and then go out dancing}.
you'll have a set to spare with this necklace. :P
she also has a variety of buckles, tops and jewelry with similarly funky chompers.

rings that equal as a weapon >> BONUS!!

one of my favs of her clothing ... she also has leather overalls that stop at the thigh, aaand a metal chain jumper! ~.^

Holly Fulton. A glamorous/retro whimsy awaits you. :)
i looove the way she blends a retro vibe with modern shapes.
her sketches and purses are simply adorable!

want it all! how presh are those phone hoop earrings on the right?!

Craig Lawrence = sexy fringe 'n' formal wear.
This fellow can make a full-length gown, made from fine pieces of fine gold knit material in about a day! now, that's talent.
Lady GaGa wore one of these little beauties ... I covet his thigh highs!

Fannie Schiavoni and her lovely armor like pieces. So feminine, yet powerful {they almost make me wanna hop on a steed and go jousting}.

the adorable Swedish designer, herself. :)

my personal FAV. if i had this, i believe i would wear it daily. ;)

Atalanta Weller
faaab pumps. j'adore the party in the back. ;)

yes, those tall space age structures on the far right corner are in fact another of her heels. whew, mama!

Michael Lewis's shoes make me go ga-ga {not Lady}. so glam 'n' creative!

the fur is actually a cuff that fits over the shoe -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

chess, anyone? heh.

Todd Lynn does the most beautiful, unique work with fur + knits. i want to drape myself in it allll {particularly this piece}. ;D

some other incredibly rad-tastic designers i met {that i, sadly, was unable to photograph} were the darling, daring Hannah Marshall {amazing sculptured, sexy, futuristic creations}; aaand, Christopher Raeburn, who utilizes vintage fabrics to reconstruct stylish, functional outerwear.

be sure to check out these talented, stylish Brits -- and let me know your favorite!

can't wait to sneak into the next showroom ... ;)