Tuesday, April 22, 2008

menagerie '08

i should have posted this at least a month ago, but, you know how it goes ...
so if you know me, you know i simply ADORE ABSURD+art+beauty.
WELL, my dear friend amber and i visited an art gallery in Indy called Menagerie ...

MENAGERIE - the venue.

glamming it UP pre-menagerie gallery - me 'n' amb-tastic.

can i get this in a size ... ? ;)

i have a foot fetish when i have my cam on me ... ;)

loverly ...

i couldn't resist snapping this little woman ... :)

art? or a teenie tiny mertle-turtle with a canon strategically placed on it's teeny shell back? {you decide}

another fab artsy chick @ menagerie (pomp chick's pal :)). loved them both - they had fly style!

the most RAD chick we met at menagerie - she definitely had the foxiest/only pomp in the joint!

i enjoy random crotch shots rather a lot - JK - just another random snap worth sharing (or so i thought).

creepy 'n' funky appeal.

amb-tastic, driving us back after the show (we left fashionably early) - pipe in tow, of course!

post menager shinangians @ amb-tastic's apt. her pipe is just too old-man-chic!

until next time ... keep it snappy, baby - yeah!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Evening of Irish: Dinner at the Claddaugh

my mum and i enjoyed as close to an irish feast as we could (without being IN ireland) at the claddaugh pub @ metropolis.

the best, creamiest spinachy/artichoke dip - soft 'n' crispy fries/aka: chips - goooey sandwiches and baileys 'n' coffee sent us soaring off to a gluttenous heaven (where i'd hope to run into some true irish blokes - the only thing lacking during our claddaugh visit - ha).