Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sweet Ones: LES Vintage + Holiday Cheer.

I've been aching to find some truly great, charming {even somewhat affordable} vintage stores ever since I moved out to NYC ... thanks to some thrifty, stylish pals I've discovered a few {one of my favs being Brooklyn's About Glamour}.

Just the other evening, however, I fell in love with a practically brand-spankin'-new vintage store in the Lower East Side. This gem of a vs {vintage store} that stole my heart is called The Sweet Ones, and is owned by my fabulous new pal, Alyssa.

Ever since I befriended Alyssa, I've been dying to check out her store. I finally stopped on by the other night, during Alyssa's store holiday party. Camera in tow, I went GA-GA {literally - not Lady} over the treasure trove of gorgeous, glam 'n' retro-modern items tucked within The Sweet Ones confines. From Betsy to Chanel, fur coats to Burberry trenches - this place has an outstanding range of fashion finds.

Not only were the clothing, decor and accessories delectable, but there were adorable, sickeningly sweet mini cupcakes {which you KNOW i live for}, a working retro hot chocolate machine ::sigh:: and champagne galore. ^.^

I could mange on this type of spread everyday ... :P

Stuffed with an inordinate amount of mini cupcakes {the Peanut Butter& Jelly being my fav of the evening}, I mingled and made my list of "items to save up for" ... namely, a girly, chic Burberry trench {as noted above} and a romantic-thoroughly modern cropped jacket {don't you steal themm first!! ::shakes fist::} ...

I foresee greatness for The Sweet Ones ... not to mention, I shall be starting a blog for the store soon {so stay tuned}.

Happy hollydays and, if you're ever vintaging in the LES, don't forget to stop by for some Sweet Ones shopping! :)

xoLa & The Sweet Ones

did i mention i adore the decor of the store?? this quote makes me chuckle. :) i should paint+chalk up my bedroom walls ...

Chanel 'n' cupcakes - I'll take it!


the black and white frilly dress is SO Eliza Doolittle at the races ... hehe.

little black jacket, i covet theeee ...

vintage + cupcakes = some level of divinity. ;)

frills. enough said.

fellow fashion vs mongers ... :)

"item to save up for" no. 1 >> Burberry dream trench!!

"item to save up for" nuero deux >> romantical cropped jacket ::SIGH::

<3 retro Chanel jeans and that quote - the end word being "GONE."

The Sweet Ones queen, Alyssa {can i please have that couch??}.