Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! {with Melly 'n' Pups!}

my good gal pal, melissa, recently had me do a photo shoot - not just any shoot - a Christmas shoot with her dogs, Gracie and Mattie {hope i spelled their names right ;) }.
to be honest, it was a bit difficult getting the dogs to cooperate enough to get decent shots {of them looking at the camera, sitting still, and the like}. in the end, i'm really happy with what we got and had a great time!
those girls are a wild bunch and a ton of fun!

anywho - happy Christmas, joyeaux Noel, feliz Navidad!!!



love mel's expression here.

wrangling two decently sized pups for a photo shoot is quite the task. ;)

Oh, nooo!! Don't eat them, honey!!!! :P

LOVE the ones we got on the floor! :)

what pretty gals!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bombastic Ballet Shoot: The Street Chic

my model friend kimberly page is also a ballerina.
i've always wanted to be a ballerina {and a figure skater}. but, since i am a photographer, i've also always wanted to do a ballerina shoot. ALWAYS. tee-hee.
i saw her in the Butler Univ. rendition of The Nutcracker a few weeks ago - which was GRANDtacular, by the by - and thought to myself, 'Lauren, you should ask Kimberly to wrangle together her ballet pals to do a shoot.'
so, that's just what we did a few days ago.
BOY, was it a BLAST.
i took over 500 shots in just a couple of short hours!!! :)
these kids are MEGA TALENTED and FUN.
i will SURELY be posting more from this - so be sure to check back for those!


the boys. like a Gap ad. :P

one of my favourite poses. ^_^

Kimberly's a gift being "unwrapped." ha.

it AMAZES me how comfortable they are with each other's bodies. they're extremely good at knowing how one another will react to a certain lift or pose, and at knowing how good they each look doing any certain thing.

playing on Photoshop. :)


Saturday, December 13, 2008

stylish stephanie: Fashion Circa 1900

i had been absolutely DYING to do a shoot, PARTICULARLY a fashion shoot, for some time now.
fortunately, my gawgeous pal and model, stephanie, was available and game for a shoot!
like i said, i'm working on something BIG {a secret for now} and this shoot is going towards that certain project. :)
i needed to shoot a model in a costume from any era {like my featured shoot last week with kris}. considering costumes aren't just a regular ole thing to have around on hand, other than during the grand month of October, the fact that she is a full-time model and has adorable, valid costumes made this perfect AND much fun!!

we took several themed shots that day - so don't be surprised if you see a lot more of steph on my bloggy. ;)
THANKS again, lovely!! {and to my super mom, who acted as my set assistant that afternoon}

please let me know what ya think!


c'est tres belle!

you're not welcome inside this little cabin ...

pretty smile!

LOVE her intense eyes here! work it, work it! :)

Friday, December 5, 2008

kris: man on the street

i'm working on something BIG ... but i can't tell you, YET.
this shoot is part of IT ... about a week ago i put a request up on facebook and myspace for ANYONE with a era-specific costume piece to give me a holler so i could shoot him/her. welp, my pal kris was the first to offer something (a WWII pilot helmet) so a few days ago we hit the mean, bitter FRIGID streets of indianapolis.
i wanted to do a shoot in the mall, but a policeman on one of those silly Segway deals told us we weren't allowed ::shakes fist::. instead, we froze downtown, taking great relief in a bar and borders along the way.

fun tidbit: kris is also a photog - for NUVO Newsweekly and other rad freelance work.
i am EVERSOOO grateful to kris-stoff for taking a step on the opposite side of the lens to chill (literally!) and do some quirky, random shots!! :)

enjoy and discuss!


QUITE the patriot.

pilot with a softer side (i made him do this, of course).

the coachmen let kris take the reigns - woo!

not frosty!!

wwII pilot, space ship - eh, eh?

Saturday, November 22, 2008

lauren+steven: can't get enough

as the title states - i simply adored the photos i took with my couple of last week's bloggy, so i'm featuring them again this week. i'm not lazy, i swear it! too many silly, stupendous photo opps. ;)
i actually JUST got finished editing all of the pics from this SO i'm feeling pretty relieved and accomplished!
enjoy browsing through the jumble of some of my final favs!
and, in case i don't post again before Thanksgiving - HAVA HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!

xoxo - lala

@ the wedding rehearsal: daddy 'n' daughter. {this is one of the bride's favs of the evening :) }

a jump to the end of lauren+steven's actual vows. :)

the bride's cuz {aka: my 10-year-old pal that day - she was too cool!}

messiest bride+groom cake cutting i've seen - YET. it was a riot to watch! :P

QUITE a bouquet toss as well! these gals were fun!

i'm sure glad this tiny dancer let me shoot her! hehe.

fam friend, sherrie, bidding the happy couple farewell {she is adorable!}. i shot her son, jason's, wedding {see jason+tabitha wedding photos} just a couple months before. :)

one of my favs - EVER.
you may also recognize this luxurious vehicle from my previous wedding of jason+tabitha. ;)