Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sara's September {Wedding} Soiree.

On a loverly September evening, I had the distinct pleasure of capturing my dear, beloved first college roommie's {Sara's} wedding. If you recall, I shared Sara and Richie's engagement shoot earlier in the summer. She's one of my closest friends to have gotten married, so it was an extra honor to be her photog. :)
This blog has been a lonnng time coming - I do apologize for that - sara and richie!!

That evening, the weather was ideal: clear and crisp - but not too chilly to be warmed by a sweater or a glass of wine {or two ;)}.
After growing up and going through so many ups and downs with Sara together, it was wonderful to see her marry a man she is so obviously, mutually happy and in love with {i hate ending with a preposition, heh}.

My 3 favorite things about this wedding were:
1. the candy bar {which you will get to see here!}
2. the impromptu college reunion i had there
3. the fact that it gave me a reason to fly back to indy - i SO miss you all out there!!!!

This is my most recent wedding, but i'm really hoping to schedule some in/around NYC ::crosses fingers:: ... In the meanwhile, enjoy the snaps, and i pinky promise to be a much better blogger!

XO and cheers from NYC!

Bless the candy bar ...

Sweetest wittle flower girl - she loved the camera, which i loved!

Sara and her cuz+maid of honor, Ashley.

I'm so loving that shade of purple these days! The bridesmaids were all darling!