Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pre-senting Preemie {Ben}!

At a little over 5 lbs, Ben Allen came as an early arrival the day after Mothers Day {great timing, eh?}.
I was thrilled and honored when his parents, my friends Craig and Kelli, asked me to do their family portraits and birth announcements featuring their newest family member!

Luckily for C+ K, Ben is a handful merely in the physical sense thus far. :)
Big bro, Brady {age 3}, seems timidly excited about his new little bro {SO CUTE}.

Ben didn't seem to enjoy playing model - he wailed for most of our visit, sadly. Or, maybe it was just the sheer terror of being taken from his warm, cozy blanket wrap to lie nude 'n' chilly in front of a stranger?? {I know I probably wouldn't enjoy the experience!}

I've been friends with C + K for years, most of them being sans kiddies, so it's been really fun and exciting to see their family forming. It'll be so cool to see Ben grow!


Daddy 'n' Ben.

Proud mama!

A peaceful moment in between nude shots ... PRECIOUS!

I loved using my macro lens on his tootsies! :)

Big bro, Brady, attempting to comfort his new bro.

One of my personal FAVS.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hot Wheels.


these hot wheels make that noise without even running, they're so cool. :)

i know auto-related photos aren't my usual fair, HOWEVER, i spent last saturday as a volunteer photographer for the annual Indy On Wheels car show at my church, Westlake Community Church of God. i figured i might as well show off the lovely vehicles and give my church a little plug, eh?
plus, i DO quite enjoy posh, classic cars. ;)

stay tuned for some stunning shots of my pal, Stephanie - from past blogs here.



who knew the innards of a car could be so pretty? ;)

this little cutie's ride that day was a wittle red wagon!

my fav - the car + the colour. :)

wicked coolness {tied for fav}.

a gal you may recognize {i couldn't get over how adorable those fakie trays + food are!}.

notice anything slightly, erm, pervy dangling from this vehicle ... ??

hello, there. :)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gabrielle's Field Frolick.

On a lovely May evening just this past week, I met up with my pal and fellow blogger fashionista Gabrielle.

My fab friend needed some photographs of herself for her blog, you see.
She originally wanted to be in a corn field, as suggested by the subhead of her blog. Alas, May just isn't the time to find corn fields for frolicking! ::tear::

Fortunately, i had some pretty grassy clearings in mind already. :)

Gabrielle and i skipped and trudged our way through weeds and marshland to the get these pics - and boy do i enjoy them! She just couldn't be cuter, eh?

By the time we were through, the two of us had VERY wet, muddy feet, and quite a few mosquito bites. Ooh, the price of outdoorsy photography!

Enjoy, and happy mothers day, of course!


Hello, beautiful! Check out Gabrielle and her style secrets at

How can you not frolick through marshland without chuckling? ;)

All tuckered out from her field jaunt.

On the cutting edge of beauty and fashion - rocking the tree branch head piece couture ... :P

Goofy + sophisticated = just the way i like her! :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Elvis & Cigars.

I'm all shook UP! Uh huh, uhuhuhuh ...

Is what i imagine Diablo belting {in a sort of New Yorker accent} - because i can't recall what in the world he was saying as i shot him last week, strutting around his bedroom. Elvis incarnate, indeed.
As soon as he jumped in front of the camera he became an entirely different being - it was quite a little show!
Don't even ask about Mr. Monkey. :)

I shot my pal, "D," as his girlfriend {my dear model friend} Stephanie refers to him, in between taking shots of her.
They're such a unique and talented couple of models!
If you ever visit the Broadripple Arts Center or the Art Institute of Indianapolis, you're sure to see some sketches and/or paintings of them both.
I always have a blast spending time with them and shooting them, of course. ;)

Stay tuned for Steph's turn in front of the camera from that evening!

Cheers and remember to keep off my blue suede shoes!


Animation at its finest. Makes me chuckle - aloud. :)


Hey, there, honey pie!

Light 'em up?

Giving Monkey some cig tips. ;)

One of my FAVS from this shoot. :D