Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Brit + Lucas = love 'n' marriage.

Just the other day, i finalllly finished editing the most recent of my wedding pictors {WHEW!}. Brittney and Lucas, who's engagement you got a peak of back in july aaand family pics back in the summer of '08, had me back to Indy to shoot their March matrimonial affair.

It was a beautiful, albeit chilly, March evening. The bridal party scooted about in Chucks, which was a perfect touch for the couple - especially the artsy groom. Lucas was the most emotional, of the couple - shaking before the ceremony {AW} - SO sweet.

loved seeing and being included in the stages of your relationship, guys. :)
CONGRATS 'n' CHEERS to the happy couple {and Evan}!!!


THE DRESS - pre-bride.

Brit's flower girl KNEW how to fix that train! :)

Word UP, Ev. ;)

Bride + maids of honour cuteness.

putting the finishing touches on Evan {he's gotten SO BIG since i first shot Brit, Evan and Lucas 2 years ago!!}.

zee ceremonial bridal Chucks, heh.

for walking down the aisle, just right. mama 'n' son Chucks. :)

the magic moment. newly wedded bliss {do you see the heart betwixt their faces? heh}.

the men of the bridal party were quite distinguished.

dresses also make very lovely shawls for when it gets chilly. how resourceful. ;)