Saturday, November 22, 2008

lauren+steven: can't get enough

as the title states - i simply adored the photos i took with my couple of last week's bloggy, so i'm featuring them again this week. i'm not lazy, i swear it! too many silly, stupendous photo opps. ;)
i actually JUST got finished editing all of the pics from this SO i'm feeling pretty relieved and accomplished!
enjoy browsing through the jumble of some of my final favs!
and, in case i don't post again before Thanksgiving - HAVA HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!!

xoxo - lala

@ the wedding rehearsal: daddy 'n' daughter. {this is one of the bride's favs of the evening :) }

a jump to the end of lauren+steven's actual vows. :)

the bride's cuz {aka: my 10-year-old pal that day - she was too cool!}

messiest bride+groom cake cutting i've seen - YET. it was a riot to watch! :P

QUITE a bouquet toss as well! these gals were fun!

i'm sure glad this tiny dancer let me shoot her! hehe.

fam friend, sherrie, bidding the happy couple farewell {she is adorable!}. i shot her son, jason's, wedding {see jason+tabitha wedding photos} just a couple months before. :)

one of my favs - EVER.
you may also recognize this luxurious vehicle from my previous wedding of jason+tabitha. ;)


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lauren + steven = a backyard wedding!

i'm horrible.
i've meant to post sooner buuut, yeah ... no spectacular excuses. sorry!! :)
so, lauren and steven are my most recent wedding that i am currently editing still. i had a BLAST with them and the party! everyone was really down home, friendly and laid back. the weather was gorgeous and the wedding was held in a quaintly gorgeous backyard (where at least 4 weddings have been held previously - i think).

i'm DYING to do a new shoot ... CALL ME (see my web site and schedule a shoot with meee!! i may just cut ya a thanksgiving deal ... ;)

enjoy and please do post comments, kids!

how cute are these? :)

the bride and groom's wittle girl! she was VERY rambunctious!

this is my FAVOURITE of these two!!! lauren's little grin is perrrfect - she totally reminds me of christina ricci and i love that!

this is one of my favourites. EVER. ;)

mother + daughter. :)

we were all STARVING, waiting for the wedding to begin ... Pringles were also meant to keep the flower girl distracted (aka: good) while walking down the aisle (great). heh.

the bridesmaids were so fun and adorable. :)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Happy 1st birthday + Halloween-y!! ...

to my buddy, Jackson - that is. :)

let me just say that i've been dying to shoot this little guy ever since i met him (my friend shannon's 1st kiddie). i would say you can definitely categorize this 1-year-old dude as a baby heart throb.
if you couldn't tell, he is curious george and his daddy, the man in the yellow hat - ALMOST makes me want a little babe of my own! ;P

please post comments and enjoy!


i think jackson wants to be the star here. :P