Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm baaack {erin & dan's wedding}.

boy, have i been a LAZY bloggerphotog.
it's been over a month since my last post, and MY has life been a mass of iiiinteresting and somewhat chaotic change since august 8th.
you've probably been heartsick with my lacking correspondence, and for that i am everso sorry.

since my last post i've moved to Manhattan, learned to navigate the subways, contracted pink eye, met loads of adorable models, been OVERWHELMED, homesick, ecstatic, found+disposed of mice in my apartment, been to and from Indianapolis TWICE, saw Jessica Biel and PINK {and random other starst} around the city, had my camera+flash break annnnd shot 2 weddings {and that's just the Cliffs notes} ... WHEW.

i had some much needed time to do some photo editing, so now i have some brand-spankin' new wedding photos to share with you! {YAY}

erin and dan are an extremely sweet couple that i met via CraigsList back last winter. they got hitched a couple of weeks ago on a bipolar soggy-ish + sunny-ish day in September at Fort Benjamin Harrison. the couple only had 60 guests, but dan went ahead and rented out an entire inn for their wedding festivities {which the rain halted for just in time!}.

it may have been a more intimate group of guestes - but they certainly were not lacking in the hootzpah! the men and kiddies ripped up the dance floor like non other - perhaps it had to do with the custom bottled wine on every table {for the fellas, at least ;)}.

thank you, erin and dan, for the pleasure of shooting your engagement and wedding - i wish you all the very best!!!

enjoy the pictorial, and i promise more blogs to come soon {photos from the city - FINALLY}.


you know i can't resist cute shoesies. ;)

not only was it an open bar, but every dinner table had 2 specially brewed bottles of wine, made by the groom's parents ... suffice it to say, everyone was having a grand ole time.

a rowdy group, indeed. dan insisted we do a modern day rendition of his parents's VERY serious old school wedding portraits - so cute.

arguably my favorite of the day ...

these were mocha ... and there were also carrot cake ... undoubtedly some of the most scrumptious wedding "cake" i've ever had, ever!

and i was in food photography heaven ... :)