Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Fringe 'N' Fashion

A new friend of mine from Indyhub was sweet enough to get me in on the Spring into Spring event/fashion show held at the Fringe building downtown a few days ago. While us fashion hungry attendees enjoyed the show we also got to mange on some DELISH sushi from 45 Degrees whilst sipping wine+beer thanks to the Mass Ave Wine Shoppe {YUM-MY}.

The fashion show was a blend of eclectic clothing, jewelry and other accessories from some of the newer stores to call Mass Ave home.
I especially enjoyed the fact that there was some male model eye candy, ha!

Sushi, drinks and fashion = one fabulous April evening! ;)

My GORGEOUS model friend, Stephanie {who you may recognize from my former bloggies :)} was one of the models! An added bonus+surprise that night! Her makeup was PHENOMENAL.

All of the models here are dancers - GO FIGURE. ;)

The cute chick in pink was my fav! She was super spunky - always throwing her hands up and doing a little spin on the runway.

Check out a little more about the shindig here!


Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tea Time in Toyland!

Once again I bring to you a few more of my favourite snaps from my SUPERBLY sacrine tea time pic-a-nic shoot with my sweet 'n' stylin' Erica T.

We actually had two mini "sets" for this blanketed shoot: one side, which you've already seen, featured pastel decor and Eastertime sweets ... the second side {featured now} has darker hues and rich, chocolatey cakes ... I truly can't decide which decide which section i loved more! Both sides were surely delish! Erica and I were sure to split the sweets between us once we were all done here, ha. :)

We had a ton of fun playing with the cakes and stuffed animals! Hopefully they enjoyed it as well ...

Don't get a toothache from all the sweet, precious decadence!


Tea parties certainly are not dweebie. :)

Cheers for tea - hip, hip - HOORAY!

Eat, Mr. Giraffe!

** Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this photo story ... ;)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lady in Red.

Recently I attended this cool Indianapolis 3-day photography conference at the Omni Severin in downtown Indy called OSP Indy.

I discovered it through a photog friend of mine. It was VERY cool and informative for young photogs like myself!
It was a fantastic way to network and learn about photography do's and don'ts, trends, business tips, and the like.
I met loads of rad fellow photogs from across the MidWest - not just the Naptown. I was quite surprised at just how many folks from out of state attended this event, which was cool!

One of the most fun things {out of the many fun things ;)} we did was a retro fashion shoot with a few of our fellow photogs there. If you follow my blog in any way you know I go GA-GA for annnnything RETRO+VINTAGE, sooo I was THRILLED, to say the least, when I got to follow around Brandi Brown like paparazzi for a couple of hours. ;)

It was a breezy afternoon but we all had a blast shooting this hottie!

Snaps to photographer KC Ferrell for sponsoring the event. :)



Brandi channeling Ms. Mary Tyler Moore, heh.

Brandi and the City!

Lady needs a little primp.

I would simply looovvvve a pair of kicks like these!!

Now THIS is pure Brandi Brown!

Who wouldn't want a big, fat smooch from this hott mama?? :)

Room with a view ...

Getting cozy ...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy, happy Easter!

Blessings to you all!


la + erica t.

don't stuff yourselves too much with candy. :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Peeps, Roses & Red Heads - Oh, My!

As promised, a continuation of my springtime pic-a-nic shoot with my darling, Erica T. :)
I certainly hope you're not tired of her! hehe.

I can't recall if I mentioned this in my last post, but I got to use my maco lens here - which I LOVE but hardly use, to my chagrin (whoa, I think I just used a college word there!). So, I had a ton of fun getting these close ups on Erica and some of the pretty wittle things we brought along on that dreamy spring day.

I'm also happy because the macro helps display her makeup {which yours truly did, hehe} - she can totally pull off the pretty pale purple, don'tchya think?

I tried doing the whole baby doll/geisha lips look: dark red in the center of her lips - pale face - dots of blush per cheek, to give her a dolly/Alice in Wonderland look. Alas, it didn't look too hot once it was done, so we kept it a bit more simple. Come to think of it, the sparkly candy is just enough sugary overload for this shoot anyhow. :)

Enjoy the Peep massacre, just in time for Easter! ;)


You, bite the head off of that sweet, innocent, fluffy Peep, girl!

Yeah, Reeses Peanut Butter eggies!! An Easter holiday snack MUST. ;)

The macro REALLY showed off with the creamy, lusciousness of that cake ... Mmm!

One of my favs.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a springtime pic-a-nic

springtime kind of flew on in around indy - at least on certain days lately - on THIS day in particular!
thank the heavens it did on this lovely end-of-march afternoon because i've been DYING to do a shoot {without freezinnng my bum off! ;) }.

my GAWGEOUS model pal, erica t. and i planned a shoot this day, crossing our fingers for dreamlike weather like this and brainstormed a picnic-ish sort of alice in wonderland-esque scene ... once the theme was decided i prayed for great weather, and ran around my house, rumbling around for kitschy, cute, picnic materials {ha}.
stuffed animal picnic partners were a must, and fortunately we could both supply those - dorky, eh? :)

then, i hopped over to the market {yes, market} for some pretty, scrumptious sweets for erica and i to play with in the shots - YUM. i must say, we had a GRAND ole time chowing down on reese peanut butter eggs, fresh multi-coloured peeps, iced cookie and gooey cakes! ::smacks lips at the memory::

i took some shots in other locales, so stop by again soon to check out those darlings! ... McDonald's and jumping are involved ... ;)

enjoy the sweetness, just in time for Easter!


here, erica t. is imagining she's a snooty heiress ::laughing snootily::. :)

i picked up this cutie cake simply because i adored its polka dots!

raspberry-chocolate cake joy on her face. :)

this cookie was ridiculously DELISH!