Tuesday, January 27, 2009

an October wedding in Plainfield

Just keep spinning, just keep spinning, just keep spinning, SPINNNING. {i think the wittle flower girls were my favourite part of this pretty autumnal wedding :) }

I haven't featured any weddings in a while, but just finished editing this one, so i thought i'd share it with you.
It was quite the lovely affair - held at the Plainfield Christian Church, it couldn't have been a more perfect {or HOT!!} day for a wedding!
The wedding party was huge and a riot, and The Happy Couple were beau-ti-ful!
I had extra fun shooting this one because I was assisting my dear, fabulous photog friend, Sarah K. Whitfield, this time around {and was able to focus on more of the details of the day}.

After the ceremony, we were off to Indy for their reception at the Rathskeller, for pretzels and dancing {too bad i lost those pics in a memory card accident - poo!}.

Anywho! I look forward to shooting my next wedding - in the meantime, enjoy!


A sweet and picture perfect bride.

What a HANDSOME little fella! He was suuuper bashful, at first!

A {flower}girl must always tote along her favourite My Little Pony AND sport her most STYLIN' shades during matrimonial affairs. ;)

Looking GAWGEOUS, dahling.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

kev + kimberly: blur crazy in indy

my darling, kimberly {who you've so recently seen in that precious pink rose dress} and her good friend, kevin, met up with me to do a shoot in indy this past week. they're both a blast to work with - they're also both ballet dancers from Butler!

kevin's an old pro with photo shoots and hopes to embark on tres chic underwear photography modeling in nyc {pretty hot}.
at first, we had a bit of a tough time on a locale for our shoot, but after a little drive through downtown indy, we found a great bar that agreed to let us shoot away {yesss!}. suffice it to say, the lighting was VERY low low LOW, but i discovered a RAD low lighting method while playing around with my flash. these two learned how to work with the flash tactics fast, and we had a riot figuring out new poses. :)
we had SO many good ones that this may just be my biggest post yet!

enjoy these hot kids, and let me know whatchya think!


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stylish Stephanie: On the Table Session

Ooh, how i love my stephanie!! {as I'm sure you know by now, if you've checked out my blog at all lately :) }
this is more from our recent fashion session.
she amazes me with her ability to transform herself from a dramatic, damsel in period costume to a sexy, mysterious mademoiselle.
for this little shoot, we snuck into a small, deserted library and took down some wall art, mwhahaha {no harm, of course}.
i just can't get enough of her sense of style and movement in front of the camera. {and otherwise!}.

enjoy her steamier side! ;)


P.S. this is her REAL hair-do in this shoot - LOVE it!!

the start of our photographic flip book. :)

a FAV of mine!


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Little Rose Dress Shoot with Kimberly

my cutie pie friend, kimberly page/kristen is a beeeeau-ti-ful ballerina + model. i've done runway and ballet photos of her, but when she told me about this gorgeously rustic place in indy, and her new rosie dress, i KNEW i had to have her in front of my camera AGAIN! :)

we snuck our way over the fence of this stunning spot in a public park she found, and i went ga-ga, snapping shots of her in that adorable {TEENY} dress!
we had a blast on this dreary, winter afternoon.

enjoy the sneak peak, and let me know whatchya think!



Thursday, January 1, 2009

Stylish Stephanie: Take II


i felt it appropriate to ring in the new year with part deux of my Stephanie Shoot with the circa 1900 look, but with a twist of modern art funk delicious. :)
have i mentioned i LOVE her posing skillz??

can't get enough!!

anywho - enjoy and please indulge me in this 2009 with some comment-os. ;)