Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Sweet Ones: LES Vintage + Holiday Cheer.

I've been aching to find some truly great, charming {even somewhat affordable} vintage stores ever since I moved out to NYC ... thanks to some thrifty, stylish pals I've discovered a few {one of my favs being Brooklyn's About Glamour}.

Just the other evening, however, I fell in love with a practically brand-spankin'-new vintage store in the Lower East Side. This gem of a vs {vintage store} that stole my heart is called The Sweet Ones, and is owned by my fabulous new pal, Alyssa.

Ever since I befriended Alyssa, I've been dying to check out her store. I finally stopped on by the other night, during Alyssa's store holiday party. Camera in tow, I went GA-GA {literally - not Lady} over the treasure trove of gorgeous, glam 'n' retro-modern items tucked within The Sweet Ones confines. From Betsy to Chanel, fur coats to Burberry trenches - this place has an outstanding range of fashion finds.

Not only were the clothing, decor and accessories delectable, but there were adorable, sickeningly sweet mini cupcakes {which you KNOW i live for}, a working retro hot chocolate machine ::sigh:: and champagne galore. ^.^

I could mange on this type of spread everyday ... :P

Stuffed with an inordinate amount of mini cupcakes {the Peanut Butter& Jelly being my fav of the evening}, I mingled and made my list of "items to save up for" ... namely, a girly, chic Burberry trench {as noted above} and a romantic-thoroughly modern cropped jacket {don't you steal themm first!! ::shakes fist::} ...

I foresee greatness for The Sweet Ones ... not to mention, I shall be starting a blog for the store soon {so stay tuned}.

Happy hollydays and, if you're ever vintaging in the LES, don't forget to stop by for some Sweet Ones shopping! :)

xoLa & The Sweet Ones

did i mention i adore the decor of the store?? this quote makes me chuckle. :) i should paint+chalk up my bedroom walls ...

Chanel 'n' cupcakes - I'll take it!


the black and white frilly dress is SO Eliza Doolittle at the races ... hehe.

little black jacket, i covet theeee ...

vintage + cupcakes = some level of divinity. ;)

frills. enough said.

fellow fashion vs mongers ... :)

"item to save up for" no. 1 >> Burberry dream trench!!

"item to save up for" nuero deux >> romantical cropped jacket ::SIGH::

<3 retro Chanel jeans and that quote - the end word being "GONE."

The Sweet Ones queen, Alyssa {can i please have that couch??}.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Sara's September {Wedding} Soiree.

On a loverly September evening, I had the distinct pleasure of capturing my dear, beloved first college roommie's {Sara's} wedding. If you recall, I shared Sara and Richie's engagement shoot earlier in the summer. She's one of my closest friends to have gotten married, so it was an extra honor to be her photog. :)
This blog has been a lonnng time coming - I do apologize for that - sara and richie!!

That evening, the weather was ideal: clear and crisp - but not too chilly to be warmed by a sweater or a glass of wine {or two ;)}.
After growing up and going through so many ups and downs with Sara together, it was wonderful to see her marry a man she is so obviously, mutually happy and in love with {i hate ending with a preposition, heh}.

My 3 favorite things about this wedding were:
1. the candy bar {which you will get to see here!}
2. the impromptu college reunion i had there
3. the fact that it gave me a reason to fly back to indy - i SO miss you all out there!!!!

This is my most recent wedding, but i'm really hoping to schedule some in/around NYC ::crosses fingers:: ... In the meanwhile, enjoy the snaps, and i pinky promise to be a much better blogger!

XO and cheers from NYC!

Bless the candy bar ...

Sweetest wittle flower girl - she loved the camera, which i loved!

Sara and her cuz+maid of honor, Ashley.

I'm so loving that shade of purple these days! The bridesmaids were all darling!

Monday, September 21, 2009

i'm baaack {erin & dan's wedding}.

boy, have i been a LAZY bloggerphotog.
it's been over a month since my last post, and MY has life been a mass of iiiinteresting and somewhat chaotic change since august 8th.
you've probably been heartsick with my lacking correspondence, and for that i am everso sorry.

since my last post i've moved to Manhattan, learned to navigate the subways, contracted pink eye, met loads of adorable models, been OVERWHELMED, homesick, ecstatic, found+disposed of mice in my apartment, been to and from Indianapolis TWICE, saw Jessica Biel and PINK {and random other starst} around the city, had my camera+flash break annnnd shot 2 weddings {and that's just the Cliffs notes} ... WHEW.

i had some much needed time to do some photo editing, so now i have some brand-spankin' new wedding photos to share with you! {YAY}

erin and dan are an extremely sweet couple that i met via CraigsList back last winter. they got hitched a couple of weeks ago on a bipolar soggy-ish + sunny-ish day in September at Fort Benjamin Harrison. the couple only had 60 guests, but dan went ahead and rented out an entire inn for their wedding festivities {which the rain halted for just in time!}.

it may have been a more intimate group of guestes - but they certainly were not lacking in the hootzpah! the men and kiddies ripped up the dance floor like non other - perhaps it had to do with the custom bottled wine on every table {for the fellas, at least ;)}.

thank you, erin and dan, for the pleasure of shooting your engagement and wedding - i wish you all the very best!!!

enjoy the pictorial, and i promise more blogs to come soon {photos from the city - FINALLY}.


you know i can't resist cute shoesies. ;)

not only was it an open bar, but every dinner table had 2 specially brewed bottles of wine, made by the groom's parents ... suffice it to say, everyone was having a grand ole time.

a rowdy group, indeed. dan insisted we do a modern day rendition of his parents's VERY serious old school wedding portraits - so cute.

arguably my favorite of the day ...

these were mocha ... and there were also carrot cake ... undoubtedly some of the most scrumptious wedding "cake" i've ever had, ever!

and i was in food photography heaven ... :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love in the Afternoon.

Sara and i met under sheer luck and happenstance {aka: college dorm pot-luck}. ;)
My first-ever roomie and i met the summer prior to my freshman year of college, and the two of us became fast best buds. It couldn't have been a better fit.
Now she's found the man of her dreams, Richard/Richie - i'm fairly certain she told me stories about him our first week together at Franklin College {i'm pretty sure it was all good things?? harhar}.

Although i'm moving out to New York City this Friday {woot, woot!!!!} i will be making my way back to Indianapolis the third week of September to shoot their wedding. i may be a teensy bit homesick by mid-September anywho, so seeing them get hitched and being part of their wedding will be icing on the {wedding}cake {cheesey, iknow! ha}.

We had a gorgeous day for this engagement shoot - not too sweltering for an August day {yesss}!
I am SO, SO, SOOO THRILLED for my very first roomie and her fella. I had a blast with them - being all silly and romantic on this afternoon.
Cheers, you two!

My next post will most likely be from my new apt. in NYC, so stay tuned for more fashionista-y posts. ;D