Friday, July 31, 2009

Lynds 'n' Will {tie that knot}

Last Saturday was a bride's weather nightmare - chilly storms galore. Fortunately for Lyndsey {bride}, all that nasty, dreariness cleared itself out by the time I met her to shoot her evening wedding! {i'm fairly certain we all did a collective ::WHEW:: at seeing the light of the sun ;).

Lyndsey looked like a modern day Cinderella, in her pretty, poufy white gown and tiara. Groom William shed a few tears seeing her walk down the aisle {Lynds had to wipe a drop from his nose during the ceremony - sweet, heh}.

Many a mini tux was scampering about that evening, as she and her older sister, Brittany {who you may notice from a post from last summer} have 3 cute little boys between the two of them. Lyndsey's youngest son isn't exactly scampering at all yet, so his "tux" was actually a baby christening suit {awwww}.

I am SO glad the gloomy, wet day transformed into a gorgeous summer night for Cinderella and her prince, William {no, not the one from the UK - harhar}. The rustic outdoorsy shots we got would have been a tad more difficult had a storm been involved. ;)

Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Glaze!

Baby tuxes = too presh.

Mama love before the ceremony. :)

Hey there, Cinderella!

pretty sisters! i'm shooting brittany's wedding in spring of 2010. :)

This is what wedded bliss looks like. ;)

Another wedding photog in the making??

the kids definitely got DOWN that night.

Another fav of mine of the bride. I always find dark hair and blue eyes so beautifully striking!


Monday, July 20, 2009

Stunning Sistas.

It was Jenna {eldest sis} and Taylor's {youngest sis} very first trip to Fountain Square on the day we got together for our shoot. So, as i am in that area quite often, it was my distinct pleasure to show them around a bit!

None of us had met in person before, but the look and vibe of that quaint, gritty place really worked well with the girls! {yay!}
The sisters not only had sweet personalities, but had faaaabuloussss style {3 outfit changes, woo!}, sooo suffice it to say, they were a photog's dream {now, don't let that get to your heads, ladies - ha :) }.
Each time they came out {of their mama's Jeep - aka: the changing room} i'd have a whole new string of compliments on their choice of attire and accessories. Although, my personal favorite stylish item was Taylor's vintage spoon necklace - who couldn't love such a quirky, dainty thing?!

I am SO glad Jenna discovered me and that I had the opportunity to meet and snap these cute chicks!

And THANKS to the girls for putting up with all my ideas and the hot, hot heat of the day!
Enjoy our little shoot in zee Square. :)


These two black and whites are some of my top favies from the day. :)

their mom and grandmother - who tagged along - semi-jokingly asked for some photos where "they look like they love each other." heh. :p

silly - checking each other's teeth - between shots.

For more of these hott little mamas, check out my Facebook album soon-to-come on my Lauren Ashley Photography + Design page with more from this shoot!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carrie + Luke: aka The Gigglers

Don't ask Carrie and Luke to be serious - at least not while posing for a picture {unless you want them to bust out in laughter}.
I could tell Carrie and Luke would be a fun, adorable pair to shoot, but i've never had a couple be quite so giggly when asked to do a "serious" shot. After a few times, i figured it out, and was able to use that to my advantage to get some extra goofy grins. :P
Me: Do a more serious pose - no smiles for this one.
Them: PFFT!! {hahahaha}

Here's a bit of an example - except there wasn't a serious from the get go but the reaction is perfect.

I even tried using different verbage in place of "serious" - for instance, pensive, thoughtful, that type of thing ... those words brought on the same response, if not more laughter!

I did get a few good "pensive" {my personal fav} shots, so i give them props for pulling it together ... by the wedding they'll be pros, eh? :)

"Serious" or not, they make a verrrry cute couple and are great fun to hang with on a hot summer day!

{they totally look like giddy Indianapolis tourists to me here - little do they know Indy is in fact Naptown, ha}

Cheers to Carrie and Luke! {they're wedding is this coming June 2010 :) }


one of the few "serious" shots. ;) we pretended to be staying at the Conrad for these, mwhaha ...

almost my favorite of the day {outside of Oceanaire, drooling at the thought of a $40 seafood meal}.

my personal fav of the day {love sneaky kisses}.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mad Hat{ter}.

Sooo, as some of you may know, i am uprooting myself to NYC about a month from now - persuing my dream of fashion photography and etc... well, one of my favorite photographers is The Sartorialist, Scott Schuman. i've decided that i am going to do my own spin on candid fashion photos once i am in the BIG CITY.
Whilst perusing Mass Ave with my camera last week, i happened upon this adorably fashionable woman with a GREAT hat in a Starbucks. i felt an itsy bitsy bit stalker-ish - watching her, then walking over with my massive camera, buuut i figured, what's the worst that could happen??

Turns out she was VERY flattered and surprised! then, she came to sit with me and we chatted and made friends!
Here is my very 1st sartorialist-ism ... be prepared for more {hereafter august 15th ... ;) }.

turns out she is a featured painter in the new Indpls airport! :)
check her out - she is one talented woman!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

love, marriage & 4th o' July {rain}

although it was independence day for the rest of America, lovebirds, jeremy + holly GLADLY gave theirs up on this holiday. ;)
the couple is adorable and the day went without a hitch, except for the blasted weather ::shakes fist toward the sky::.
is it just me or does it ALWAYS seem to rain in Indianapolis on the 4th of July?? :P

there are quite a few brides that would go bridezilla-psycho-mad over the downpour of rain we received that day, holly didn't let the unfortunate weather get her down in the least {which was refreshing}!

we made due with the overabundance of unwanted rain drops by doing "budoir" pics and other little tricks, which was an interesting challenge. this wedding was the perfect example of making lemons into lemonade.
there may not have been any fireworks blazing the sky that evening, but i definitely saw some between the new mr. and mrs. huffman {i have to be cheeeeesey sometimes, eh? ha}.

here's to hoping for a sunny 4th next year! ;)


evvvvveryone wanted a piece of holly!

my fav of holly and her mama.

flower girl was so not camera friendly - everyone was cheering this on anyway {and we are all going to hell}.

the kiddies were all adorable, of course - especially when not bawling! ;)

can you tell jeremy's a bit of a goofball??