Monday, February 25, 2008

colossal creamery cravings

on a loverly valentine evening, my lovely pal, dana, and i met as valentine gal-pals to exchange valentines & devour some succulent coldstone creamery. ^_^ !!!!!

the beginnings of a coldstone creamery creation ...

our creamery creations. ^_^ 
{mine's the bigger - i'm a junk-a-holic freak}
{not exactly in order :) }
the finale of our creations. ::tear::

first bite !!

drooling yet?

the waffle cones could be my favourite part. ;)

{in line} dana = COLDSTONE CRAZED!!

need more mix-ins? :P


amber renée said...

take me take me take meeeee!!!!

should we go a weekday?? after work a little ice creamy dream escape?

xoxo lover

lauren ashley said...


YES - you can come for dinna on a week night whenever you want!!

i'll take you to the one by my house and we'll live the dreamsicle!!!