Sunday, August 3, 2008

Hendricks County 4-H Fair Frenzy!

my dear friend-and fellow photog- wendy rose, and i ventured out to the hendricks county 4-h fair recently. we roamed around with our cameras - cramming our faces with as much fried, sugary food as possible, and snapped away!

now, i can't wait to shoot the state fair ... ;)

little did i realize folgers could be SO useful.

and we roamed through a thoroughly muddy field o' deere to enter the fair. {let's just say, both of our shoes were ruined after the trek}

we couldn't wait to sink our teeth into this overpriced puppy.
oh, wendy. WHAT will i do without you, whilst you're off teaching a whole YEAR in S. Korea?? ... ::tear::

this sounded goood, but ice cream sounded better!

totally got ice cream here afterward. ;)

Mmmm - fresh, DOGS!

i think she felt awkward, but she was oh-so cooperative and cute. :)
the cake makes me drool. every time.

wendy <3s her cotton candy!

the rides = $1 per ticket ... = no $4 ferris wheel for la and wendy. :P

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