Wednesday, November 12, 2008

lauren + steven = a backyard wedding!

i'm horrible.
i've meant to post sooner buuut, yeah ... no spectacular excuses. sorry!! :)
so, lauren and steven are my most recent wedding that i am currently editing still. i had a BLAST with them and the party! everyone was really down home, friendly and laid back. the weather was gorgeous and the wedding was held in a quaintly gorgeous backyard (where at least 4 weddings have been held previously - i think).

i'm DYING to do a new shoot ... CALL ME (see my web site and schedule a shoot with meee!! i may just cut ya a thanksgiving deal ... ;)

enjoy and please do post comments, kids!

how cute are these? :)

the bride and groom's wittle girl! she was VERY rambunctious!

this is my FAVOURITE of these two!!! lauren's little grin is perrrfect - she totally reminds me of christina ricci and i love that!

this is one of my favourites. EVER. ;)

mother + daughter. :)

we were all STARVING, waiting for the wedding to begin ... Pringles were also meant to keep the flower girl distracted (aka: good) while walking down the aisle (great). heh.

the bridesmaids were so fun and adorable. :)


Dana Sease said...

Nice work!

I love the Pringles in the fancy basket, :) and I agree that the bride resembles Christina Ricci!

Kiley said...

You get better with every shoot, mate! :)

JZentz said...

I love the outdoor wedding. I'm glad they had much better weather than we did. :) They all look beautiful!!