Saturday, August 8, 2009

Love in the Afternoon.

Sara and i met under sheer luck and happenstance {aka: college dorm pot-luck}. ;)
My first-ever roomie and i met the summer prior to my freshman year of college, and the two of us became fast best buds. It couldn't have been a better fit.
Now she's found the man of her dreams, Richard/Richie - i'm fairly certain she told me stories about him our first week together at Franklin College {i'm pretty sure it was all good things?? harhar}.

Although i'm moving out to New York City this Friday {woot, woot!!!!} i will be making my way back to Indianapolis the third week of September to shoot their wedding. i may be a teensy bit homesick by mid-September anywho, so seeing them get hitched and being part of their wedding will be icing on the {wedding}cake {cheesey, iknow! ha}.

We had a gorgeous day for this engagement shoot - not too sweltering for an August day {yesss}!
I am SO, SO, SOOO THRILLED for my very first roomie and her fella. I had a blast with them - being all silly and romantic on this afternoon.
Cheers, you two!

My next post will most likely be from my new apt. in NYC, so stay tuned for more fashionista-y posts. ;D



Dana Sease said...

Aww, Sara and Richie!! I didn't even know they were engaged!! Gosh, doesn't seems like long ago at all that were were all in high school together...*sigh*

Enjoy your last few days of Indy, and best of luck in NYC!! (now singing the NYC song from "Annie," haha)

lauren ashley said...

haha, yep - and they marry in about a month!
it honestly doesn't feel like allll that long since you came and visited us in our freshman dorm, ha! ;) good times.

as always, thanks for the comments, dana!!

Lilee said...

gorgeous photos!