Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Riverside Rock 'n' Roll.

With the Manhattan skyline towering behind us and the threat of rain looming in the form of fluffy, grey clouds over our heads, me and my beau, Benny, soaked in the tunes of Jenny Lewis and the legendary band, Pavement.
Neither of us had been to the Williamsburg Waterfront concert venue before, but it was a SWELL spot to gaze over at NYC on a muggy pre-autumnal evening, while listening to great music. :)
We got to the show early enough to squeeze up front and center {for prime Jenny-spotting pleasure ;)} ... I lugged my massive, hefty L-series lens with slight hesitation, considering the pain it causes my shoulders and back, buuut, as you can see, the minor pain proved entirely worthwhile. :D

Jenny was adorable as-could-be, belting alongside her beau, Johnny!! It was my very first time seeing her perform live, so i was UBER excited. I'm still *hoping* she does a reunion tour with Rilo Kiley one of these days. ;)

PAVEMENT jammin'!! I was really there for Jenny ... ;) incidentally, after purchasing our tickets, i found out Benny was thrilled to see the guys! {SCORE}

How cute is my man? ~.^ <3

Good night, Manhattan! ... and, over the Williamsburg Bridge we went back into the city, while slurping Van Leeuwen ginger ice cream in the backseat of a gypsy cab. :)


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Amber Renee said...

looks like you had a blast!