Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mixology @ the Eiteljorg

The Eiteljorg (Indianapolis) was a-buzz (literally) during "Mixology," sponsored by Canadian Mist. I covered this event for and learned all sorts of new things about being a master drink mix-stress (woot!).
For the "official" slideshow of the event and more info (photos).

as mixology students, we learned ALL sorts of ways to mix the whiskey-esque alcohol, Canadian Mist (ooh - aah).

Not only did we get cheap drinks but f-a-b hors d'oeuvres - YUM.

and the dessert table was even BETTER! ;)

The "Mixologist" expert taught us about the history of alcohol and how to best mix with Canadian Mist ::yawn::. The best part was when he handed out his concoctions to lucky audience members/students!

mixing and mingling at the Canadian Mist bar. All of us attendees got 2 drinks for just 5 bucks - not too shabby!

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