Monday, September 8, 2008

christi + bobby: a madison {IN} engagement

christi and bobby are high school sweet hearts - i met them both whilst at Franklin College {IN}, and they are getting hitched this June, after Christi graduates. :)
we met in Madison, IN recently for their engagement pictures, and boy, did we have fun!
we traipsed around Clifty Falls - they even had all their shot locales picked out (how fab) and explored some spots in downtown {adorable and "historic"} Madison {i want to live in that quaint, pretty place!!
suffice it to say, i am ecstatic to be their wedding photog ... ;)
cheers and enjoy!


Kiley said...

I like the 3rd from the bottom, where they appear to be gazing into one another's eyes whilst trapped in a ravine. Very beautiful, definitely my favorite of a lot of great photos!

Brandy Cunningham said...

Lauren - just read your comment on our family blog! Wanted to stop by and check you out. So exiting! Love this engagement session. Congrats on starting your business. Let me know if I can help in any way!