Tuesday, September 16, 2008


so yesterday was my dear bebe's birthday ... my very first pup, my very first "baby."
she is spunky and ridiculous, and me and my fam just adore her spunky self {named beatrix kiddo, after none-other-than uma's kill bill character}.
we had a blast spoiling and torturing her with birthday delights ...

beatrix back in december {2007} - when she was a mere 3 months and 4 lbs.

a fully grown WOMAN - gained 6 lbs since we got her, WHEW! the day before her BIG bday.

my mum INSISTED on getting a cake to celebrate - we LOVE cake so any excuse will do, ha.
we blew out her candles for her {boston creme pie cake, Y U M}.

target {said with french accent} had doggie clothes on sale sooo i HAD to get her a bday velour jumper {i'm not sure if she loves it or loathes it, heh}.

we've taught her to "dance." she's rather skilled, too.

her special bday snacks - i think we got more glee out of them than she did {big treats somehow intimidate her}.

another one of my cheap bebe birthday outfit splurges from target ::tar-jet::.

enjoy {yes, however cheesey it may be!} ;)

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aa said...

This is my first time that I am seeing a puppy’s birthday has been celebrated. I am really impressed by this puppy love. I wish your puppy has a long life.