Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stylish Stephanie: On the Table Session

Ooh, how i love my stephanie!! {as I'm sure you know by now, if you've checked out my blog at all lately :) }
this is more from our recent fashion session.
she amazes me with her ability to transform herself from a dramatic, damsel in period costume to a sexy, mysterious mademoiselle.
for this little shoot, we snuck into a small, deserted library and took down some wall art, mwhahaha {no harm, of course}.
i just can't get enough of her sense of style and movement in front of the camera. {and otherwise!}.

enjoy her steamier side! ;)


P.S. this is her REAL hair-do in this shoot - LOVE it!!

the start of our photographic flip book. :)

a FAV of mine!


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Nathan said...

i absolutely adore these photos! luv u cuzzle