Sunday, January 18, 2009

kev + kimberly: blur crazy in indy

my darling, kimberly {who you've so recently seen in that precious pink rose dress} and her good friend, kevin, met up with me to do a shoot in indy this past week. they're both a blast to work with - they're also both ballet dancers from Butler!

kevin's an old pro with photo shoots and hopes to embark on tres chic underwear photography modeling in nyc {pretty hot}.
at first, we had a bit of a tough time on a locale for our shoot, but after a little drive through downtown indy, we found a great bar that agreed to let us shoot away {yesss!}. suffice it to say, the lighting was VERY low low LOW, but i discovered a RAD low lighting method while playing around with my flash. these two learned how to work with the flash tactics fast, and we had a riot figuring out new poses. :)
we had SO many good ones that this may just be my biggest post yet!

enjoy these hot kids, and let me know whatchya think!



Dana Sease said...

Wow, Lauren!! How in the world did you do that last pic!? VERY cool. You're so creative! I love how in a few of the photos especially, they look more like spirits than people. Nice work!

Jennifer said...

I love these photos Lauren, especially the last one.