Friday, July 31, 2009

Lynds 'n' Will {tie that knot}

Last Saturday was a bride's weather nightmare - chilly storms galore. Fortunately for Lyndsey {bride}, all that nasty, dreariness cleared itself out by the time I met her to shoot her evening wedding! {i'm fairly certain we all did a collective ::WHEW:: at seeing the light of the sun ;).

Lyndsey looked like a modern day Cinderella, in her pretty, poufy white gown and tiara. Groom William shed a few tears seeing her walk down the aisle {Lynds had to wipe a drop from his nose during the ceremony - sweet, heh}.

Many a mini tux was scampering about that evening, as she and her older sister, Brittany {who you may notice from a post from last summer} have 3 cute little boys between the two of them. Lyndsey's youngest son isn't exactly scampering at all yet, so his "tux" was actually a baby christening suit {awwww}.

I am SO glad the gloomy, wet day transformed into a gorgeous summer night for Cinderella and her prince, William {no, not the one from the UK - harhar}. The rustic outdoorsy shots we got would have been a tad more difficult had a storm been involved. ;)

Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Glaze!

Baby tuxes = too presh.

Mama love before the ceremony. :)

Hey there, Cinderella!

pretty sisters! i'm shooting brittany's wedding in spring of 2010. :)

This is what wedded bliss looks like. ;)

Another wedding photog in the making??

the kids definitely got DOWN that night.

Another fav of mine of the bride. I always find dark hair and blue eyes so beautifully striking!



Becca said...

love these pics! I like how they're not too formal and stiff, but candid. :)

I don't know if you've checked out my blog before, but you should stop by!

with love,

lauren ashley said...

aww, thanks SO much, becca!
i will go on over and check out your bloggy right now! :)