Saturday, February 6, 2010

SoOoo Hungry in Soho.

Dining in NYC is a like a jungle expedition: lush, continuous, spectacular, and well, dangerous {for your wallet}.
Ok, honestly - what do I know about jungle expeditions, really? ;)

Annnywhom. Over the past 6 months {whoa, already!!} that I've been exploring Manhattan, I've fallen in love with stuffing my face {with food, ahem} more than ever - as dangerous as it is for the wallet and waistline, ahaa.
There are endless scrumptious opportunities lurking all 'round, like a giant tarantula in the trees of the Amazon - just not quite as alluring.

The funny thing to me about NYC dining is that, while you can go to some of the most eclectic, chic restaurants in the world; you'll find yourself with overwhelming new cravings for simple things like falafel or mac 'n' cheese {two things I never craved as much as I have until living in NYC}.

So in the past week I've had the distinct joy of experiencing my very first NYC Restaurant Week, which, if you've not heard of it, is a week in which most of the city restaurants offer a Prix Fixe menu at a super deal. Somehow, the restaurants I've visited during this blessed week have only been of the Spanish persuasion in my 'hood of Soho {I do adore my guacamole!}.

My first Spanish Soho-ian meal was with my dear pal, Anthony, at a cute little spot on Grand Street and West Broadway called Papatzul. The decor in Papatzul is superbly charming and so is the guac. Anthony partook in some sangria, which he quite liked - and, I'm certain I would have, too, from munching his leftover sangria-soaked fruit. My avocado-stuffed sandwich was delish ... I'll just have to try the sangria next time. ;)

Playful Papatzul.

My beloved Anthony.

We took turns shooting each other in between bites. :P

From boar to banana bread pudding, Dos Caminos, {my 2nd Soho-ian Spanish Restaurant Week stop} was also a delight. My friends, Chanel and Charles, met me there for brunch in the chill bar/restaurant. While we weren't head over heals with everything we ordered, the three of us couldn't get enough of the guaca, and the desserts were a total hit all around.

Charles and I = shivering 'n' stuffed!

You know I went for the chocolate dessert. ;)

Zee plantain + calamari salad was definitely an appetizing appetizer!

The boar appetizer was Ms. Chanel's, and {I will try many a thing} no, I did not venture to trying that one - eck.

Charles, looking pensive in between platters. :)

All verrry yummy dips! We kind of filled up on these before the appetizers arrived, ha.
As I type this bloggity, I'm readying myself for breakfast pancakes after an overnight shift at the Soho Grand ... the jungle is about to get sticky {syrup! syrup! syrup!}.
I heart NY. I heart eating. Here's to NY Restaurant Week!


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