Thursday, February 11, 2010

Stylish Little Birdies.

Little birds flutter.
Little birds hop.
LITTLEbirds craft and sew; didn't you know?

They certainly do, and I got to experience and partake in the LITTLEbird DIY crafting extravaganza this past Sunday. The event, held at a rustic, trendy little jeans store called Earnest Sewn in Meatpacking, was quite the hit; especially for trendy little gals around the town.

Around 15 or so fashionistas ranging from age 14 thru late twenties played with sequins, bows, needle, fringe, and thread for hours; making their own haute custom t-shirts and hair accessories. The gals of LITTLEbird, Zooey and Ruthie, hosted the event in order to teach their colossally cool crafting ways to other aspiring, crafty fashion lovers. LITTLEbird provided the crafting materials and the participants were set free to create to their hearts content. And, boy, did these little ladies craft it up! The girls worked intensely on their glam frocks, almost like a mini Project Runway, but more giggly. As the chickees passed around glue guns and i snapped away, we all munched on some delicious mini sandwiches {mMmmm, smoked salmon!} with tea and scones. A sweet little crafting tea party, it was! I even attempted my very own headband and shirt {which I will have to finish on my own time, er}, althrough sewing is probably the least of my talents. :P

By the end of the afternoon, each of the girls had made some impressive tops; one was even Lady Gaga inspired. We insisted each girl do a mini runway show for us, modeling their piece {i'd say you could market any of them!}. Quite the talented group had turned out that day!

LITTLEbird will continue to soar and sew all around the city, so keep your eyes pealed. ;)
Now, to get crackin' on finishing my makeshift couture tee ...


The ladies of LITTLEbird sell these darling wittle "Make Its," full of various materials to get aspiring crafters started on their creative ventures.

A twirl and a flutter! Work it, little bird.

Honestly, the talent is bursting out them seams!

LITTLEbird extraordinaires, Ruthie 'n' Zooey. So fab.

the "Lady Gaga" tee is to the right {see above}.

a loverly finished product.

Busy, busy LITTLE beees. SO talented, and so young! They must teach me their ways ...

Zooey with her cute Chanel patch = craftastic. :)

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an old person said...

Thanks so much for coming to the event, Lauren!! We'd love to have you at any event.