Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Carrie + Luke: aka The Gigglers

Don't ask Carrie and Luke to be serious - at least not while posing for a picture {unless you want them to bust out in laughter}.
I could tell Carrie and Luke would be a fun, adorable pair to shoot, but i've never had a couple be quite so giggly when asked to do a "serious" shot. After a few times, i figured it out, and was able to use that to my advantage to get some extra goofy grins. :P
Me: Do a more serious pose - no smiles for this one.
Them: PFFT!! {hahahaha}

Here's a bit of an example - except there wasn't a serious from the get go but the reaction is perfect.

I even tried using different verbage in place of "serious" - for instance, pensive, thoughtful, that type of thing ... those words brought on the same response, if not more laughter!

I did get a few good "pensive" {my personal fav} shots, so i give them props for pulling it together ... by the wedding they'll be pros, eh? :)

"Serious" or not, they make a verrrry cute couple and are great fun to hang with on a hot summer day!

{they totally look like giddy Indianapolis tourists to me here - little do they know Indy is in fact Naptown, ha}

Cheers to Carrie and Luke! {they're wedding is this coming June 2010 :) }


one of the few "serious" shots. ;) we pretended to be staying at the Conrad for these, mwhaha ...

almost my favorite of the day {outside of Oceanaire, drooling at the thought of a $40 seafood meal}.

my personal fav of the day {love sneaky kisses}.

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