Monday, March 29, 2010

my very first London Fashion Week {in NYC}.

last week i got an invite from a member of the British Fashion Council to check out the London Fashion Week designer showroom in the lofts at the Soho Grand Hotel {me = PSYCHED!! ^.^}.
this was my first-ever fashion showroom event of this caliper, and my, was i enamored and inspired by the intriguing fashions on display by the UK's finest in fashion!

tragically, my trusty Canon 5D {aka: my baby} could not make the journey with me ::smacks self on hand:: but thankfully, I had my new Blackberry in tow to share the showroom with you, at the very least.
it was suuuch a pleasure to meet and chat with all the designers, while soaking in their talent {drooling over every rack of clothing+accessories!}.

Maria Frencesca Pepe = creations so hott, you'll wanna sink your teeth into 'em {and then go out dancing}.
you'll have a set to spare with this necklace. :P
she also has a variety of buckles, tops and jewelry with similarly funky chompers.

rings that equal as a weapon >> BONUS!!

one of my favs of her clothing ... she also has leather overalls that stop at the thigh, aaand a metal chain jumper! ~.^

Holly Fulton. A glamorous/retro whimsy awaits you. :)
i looove the way she blends a retro vibe with modern shapes.
her sketches and purses are simply adorable!

want it all! how presh are those phone hoop earrings on the right?!

Craig Lawrence = sexy fringe 'n' formal wear.
This fellow can make a full-length gown, made from fine pieces of fine gold knit material in about a day! now, that's talent.
Lady GaGa wore one of these little beauties ... I covet his thigh highs!

Fannie Schiavoni and her lovely armor like pieces. So feminine, yet powerful {they almost make me wanna hop on a steed and go jousting}.

the adorable Swedish designer, herself. :)

my personal FAV. if i had this, i believe i would wear it daily. ;)

Atalanta Weller
faaab pumps. j'adore the party in the back. ;)

yes, those tall space age structures on the far right corner are in fact another of her heels. whew, mama!

Michael Lewis's shoes make me go ga-ga {not Lady}. so glam 'n' creative!

the fur is actually a cuff that fits over the shoe -- LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

chess, anyone? heh.

Todd Lynn does the most beautiful, unique work with fur + knits. i want to drape myself in it allll {particularly this piece}. ;D

some other incredibly rad-tastic designers i met {that i, sadly, was unable to photograph} were the darling, daring Hannah Marshall {amazing sculptured, sexy, futuristic creations}; aaand, Christopher Raeburn, who utilizes vintage fabrics to reconstruct stylish, functional outerwear.

be sure to check out these talented, stylish Brits -- and let me know your favorite!

can't wait to sneak into the next showroom ... ;)


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