Thursday, March 4, 2010

Presenting ... Salon Ciel, Feb. '10 NYC

If you know me at all then you know I am just as in love with art as I am photography.
Since I've gotten to NYC, I've been dyinnng to get involved in the art scene here, as I was in my dear, sweet Indianapolis. ^.^

Thankfully, I happened to stumble upon the cool 'n' quaint indie Salon Ciel via a Craigs List ad, looking for an art event photographer {too perfect, eh? hehe}.
Not only is the art the Salon presents rad, but so are the folks pulling the strings!
I was fortunate enough to shoot my very first {of their monthly} galleries at the end of February, at one of their gallery locales in Chelsea.
The artist represented this month was Sarah Small, a verrrry innovative, hippie-like chick, who combines photography, nudes, live models and singing to create her artwork coined "Delirium Constructions."
Around 10 individuals performed with her that evening, as there were also a variety of her photographs on display. Quite a quirky variety of characters, it was - performers roaming and dancing 'round the gallery in nothing but their birthday suits and maybe some body paint. Some would call it riske, indeed, but the vision behind it all is very beautiful and everyone involved extremely positive.

Here's to my very first NYC art show! More to come from the Salon in March. Stay tuned. :)

a kiss between a pair of married performers {she is adorably pregnant!}.

art imitating art.
that woman is too cute!

a view from atop the Salon penthouse {gorgeous view!!}.

a couple o' fellow art lovers i befriended.

another magical view from the penthouse {Dave, the penthouse owner and Ciel co-founder, has a fantastic variety of cacti and tribal art pieces on that lovely terrace!}.

and, it wouldn't be a party without cake, eh? ;)

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