Thursday, March 18, 2010

Springy St. Patties {my very 1st in NYC}.

This time a year ago, I would have neverrr imagined I'd be spending my St. Patties living in New York City!! Here I am, though. ;D

I spent this St. Patricks holiday roaming Midtown, Union Square and Greenwich Village interviewing and photographing random New Yorkers for my new internship at TimeOut New York {hollaaa!!}. My new pal and fellow TONY intern, Stephen, and I scouted the streets on one of the most gloriously gorgeously springy days thus far of 2010 -- whatta splendid way to spend it!
The question of the day was whether you were stressed or happy - pretty basic, ha.
Most of the people we spoke to were really calm and happy, due to the newfound warmth and sunshine, but we got quite a few interesting stories associated with the given joy or grief, and met lots of cool folks from all over {ah, i love using the word 'folks', don't you? ha}.

Below are some of my favs, as far as style and overall great vibe -- be sure to check 'em out at or in the mag itself in the coming weeks. Also keep a lookout for my photo credit. ;) ;)



this little gal and her proud papa were anything but stressin'. :)

shaaaades of grey.

this rockin' rouge-lipped ginger chick and fellow painter is thrilled to have a brand new painting studio/apartment to call her very own {someday i shall, too ;)}.

the residential Union Square dancer.

these cuties had some fab shoesies!

so chill, sooo stylin'.

now, that's a sharp dressed man!

apparently, this fella was the "emaciated smoker" in Lady in the Water ... :)

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