Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bombastic Ballet Shoot: The Street Chic

my model friend kimberly page is also a ballerina.
i've always wanted to be a ballerina {and a figure skater}. but, since i am a photographer, i've also always wanted to do a ballerina shoot. ALWAYS. tee-hee.
i saw her in the Butler Univ. rendition of The Nutcracker a few weeks ago - which was GRANDtacular, by the by - and thought to myself, 'Lauren, you should ask Kimberly to wrangle together her ballet pals to do a shoot.'
so, that's just what we did a few days ago.
BOY, was it a BLAST.
i took over 500 shots in just a couple of short hours!!! :)
these kids are MEGA TALENTED and FUN.
i will SURELY be posting more from this - so be sure to check back for those!


the boys. like a Gap ad. :P

one of my favourite poses. ^_^

Kimberly's a gift being "unwrapped." ha.

it AMAZES me how comfortable they are with each other's bodies. they're extremely good at knowing how one another will react to a certain lift or pose, and at knowing how good they each look doing any certain thing.

playing on Photoshop. :)


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Kiley said...

These are really good! :)