Saturday, December 13, 2008

stylish stephanie: Fashion Circa 1900

i had been absolutely DYING to do a shoot, PARTICULARLY a fashion shoot, for some time now.
fortunately, my gawgeous pal and model, stephanie, was available and game for a shoot!
like i said, i'm working on something BIG {a secret for now} and this shoot is going towards that certain project. :)
i needed to shoot a model in a costume from any era {like my featured shoot last week with kris}. considering costumes aren't just a regular ole thing to have around on hand, other than during the grand month of October, the fact that she is a full-time model and has adorable, valid costumes made this perfect AND much fun!!

we took several themed shots that day - so don't be surprised if you see a lot more of steph on my bloggy. ;)
THANKS again, lovely!! {and to my super mom, who acted as my set assistant that afternoon}

please let me know what ya think!


c'est tres belle!

you're not welcome inside this little cabin ...

pretty smile!

LOVE her intense eyes here! work it, work it! :)

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Samantha said...

I love the pics you took, very awesome and great angles throughout:)