Friday, December 5, 2008

kris: man on the street

i'm working on something BIG ... but i can't tell you, YET.
this shoot is part of IT ... about a week ago i put a request up on facebook and myspace for ANYONE with a era-specific costume piece to give me a holler so i could shoot him/her. welp, my pal kris was the first to offer something (a WWII pilot helmet) so a few days ago we hit the mean, bitter FRIGID streets of indianapolis.
i wanted to do a shoot in the mall, but a policeman on one of those silly Segway deals told us we weren't allowed ::shakes fist::. instead, we froze downtown, taking great relief in a bar and borders along the way.

fun tidbit: kris is also a photog - for NUVO Newsweekly and other rad freelance work.
i am EVERSOOO grateful to kris-stoff for taking a step on the opposite side of the lens to chill (literally!) and do some quirky, random shots!! :)

enjoy and discuss!


QUITE the patriot.

pilot with a softer side (i made him do this, of course).

the coachmen let kris take the reigns - woo!

not frosty!!

wwII pilot, space ship - eh, eh?

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