Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas! {with Melly 'n' Pups!}

my good gal pal, melissa, recently had me do a photo shoot - not just any shoot - a Christmas shoot with her dogs, Gracie and Mattie {hope i spelled their names right ;) }.
to be honest, it was a bit difficult getting the dogs to cooperate enough to get decent shots {of them looking at the camera, sitting still, and the like}. in the end, i'm really happy with what we got and had a great time!
those girls are a wild bunch and a ton of fun!

anywho - happy Christmas, joyeaux Noel, feliz Navidad!!!



love mel's expression here.

wrangling two decently sized pups for a photo shoot is quite the task. ;)

Oh, nooo!! Don't eat them, honey!!!! :P

LOVE the ones we got on the floor! :)

what pretty gals!


amanda fales shaw said...

i really like these, lauren! Good work!!! :)


JZentz said...

Love the pictures!