Friday, February 20, 2009

In the Pizza Joint {with Erica T.}

i'm not obsessed.
i just have Erica-a-plenty o' photos!! harhar. :)
ok. i know
i'm a big dork, but how can i not share pics of my loverly pal, Erica, eh?

here, we have her in a blessed pizza joint up in the beloved fountain square .
unfortunately, this evening we had quite a tough time finding an establishment that would let us shoot within its quarters - even for 5 minutes!!
you see, it's winter (still, YUCK) and i couldn't have my dear model freeze to death - especially in such CUTE duds. ;)
fortunately for us, Gusto was a funky-awesome place to shoot {and next time, we'll actually find time to manger there - we swear it!}.
{MAN, their food looks DELISH!!! the artwork displayed there isn't too shabby, either ;) }

until next time ... ENJOY!


this is her 'i'm hungry - let's pause for pizza' face. :P

work it - work it.

under the RED light = my fav of this set. :)

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