Thursday, February 26, 2009

all spun out.

revving up for a little spinsy ...

blurring images on purpose is one of my favorite little experimental things to do, as i get better with low light, etc. {which is tough! :) }
whilst shooting at Gusto pizzaria the other week, i had Erica do some spinning to see what we could capture.
i quite like the end result ... let me know whatchya think, kids!

tired of erica yet? :P

thanks for stopping by!


FAV of this little set, haha.

i love how free she looks here. :)

one of my favs!


Dana Sease said...

Hello loverly!
First, thanks SO much for your sweet Valentine's Day card...I love it! I have it displayed on my counter. :)

Second, I'm a proud supporter of your blog! hehe. You do great work, and it's always fun to browse through your creative photos.

I a fan of the spinning effect...Erica seems like a carefree, full o'spirit kind of gal, and I like that a lot, too!


Anonymous said...

love it! so cool! no, not sick yet.