Sunday, February 8, 2009

the pretty in pink shoot

hello ladies and gentlemen,

allow me to introduce you to my good friend, stephanie {yes, from previous bloggies :) }, as her alter ego - which i'll call "Gigi," in my silly bubble gum pink wig.

this shoot was a blast - all of them are with her, but this particular look is SO fun and outrageous!! i got some makeup inspiration from Interview magazine and did her eyes - she brought the wicked cool attire.

i actually did this shoot for my VERY DL TRES IMPORTANT project {the "big" thing i've been mentioning recently}. you see, i had to do it as an application project for the miami ad school {portfolio school in Florida}. the theme happens to be shooting a subject from the perspective of a small dog - LOVE the quirkiness!! so i thought, why not take a goofy theme and vamp it up as a completely outlandish shoot? plus, i was psyched for a reason to toss in my good ole Taco Bell doggy - that still says "I think I'm in love" after all these years!! :)
steph is totally channeling daryl hannah in Blade Runner {LOVE, hehe}.

thanks, "Gigi"/Steph!!! ;)

enjoy and please do leave comments!



close second to most FAV.

this may be my favourite. ;)

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Clavin Kelly Events said...

The make up is incredible!