Monday, February 16, 2009

On Top of The World {with Erica}

I met this gawgeous little red head on facebook recently, via my dear model pal {that you know so well} kimberly page. when she first friend requested me, I hesitated because I just plum didn't know her! well, after keeping her request on hold a week or so, I noticed her profile pictures change from one darling photo to the next. I finally added her and we started chatting about fashion, photos, etc. We soon realized we had way too much in common NOT to get together to shoot and befriend one another in person!

Last week, we met up in Indianapolis for a fresh 'n' vibrant shoot of high fashion porportions ... let's just say I took a baZILLION pictors, and shall be editing them for the next week straight, at least!

We put our wardrobes and funky style together - I got the chance to play makeup artist once again, which I simply ADORE!! hehe. i was channeling these looks a la sephora . Looks like this really get me EXCITED ... I know it's not quite socially acceptable to go out looking like this, but I'm going to try some of these looks out on future shoots and on myself for future glam-tastic nights, for sure!

let me know whatchya think, and enjoy Erica's le faire chic debut!
stay tuned, for you will definitely see more of me + Erica here soon. :)


love this pose! she is a superb vogue-r, fo sho! ;)

one of my favs!


Polina Osherov said...

these are fun! i can't believe you shot outside. Freezing!!!!

amanda fales shaw said...

these are cool, lauren! You should so be a fashion photog. You have a knack! (I hope that doesn't make me sound like I'm eighty) :)

Holly said...

love this series!!

The Fashion Visionboard Girl said...

Loveeee these! Erica sent me this link from LookBook, I adore your photography! Check out my blog too :)

XO Nadia

Johnny M said...

Awesome photos! BTW, what store sells the exact same gold leotard she's wearing, or was it custom made (sewed at home)? I ask because I want to but a leotard exactly like the one your friend in the photos is wearing!