Saturday, March 28, 2009

2 Random {things}

good morning and happy saturday, folks. :)
so, i know i don't usually share blogs on things other than my shoots but i couldn't resist, i say! ...

{a little shameless plugging}
this is my current pride and joy ... it's been a MAJOR work in progress for the past year and a half, but i FINALLY got the time and motivation+inspiration to finish her! ^_^
i now have her on ETSY - in case you're a collector of fine art. ;)
it's actually a likeness of Anna Paquin from a fashion mag - she's SO gorgeous and demure!
i'm hoping to have enough time to create enough more pieces to sell my paintings and photography on a semi-regular basis ... we'll see! ::crosses fingers::

annnnd! for my 2nd random Saturday tidbit, i just HAD to share this LOVELY gown ...

this site is A-MAZING for finding vintage dresses - whether it be for party or a wedding+bridal!! they're all incredibly pretty and retro - i DIE every second i'm perusing the site, hehe.
it gives me something to save for, AND photo shoot inspiration! a double whammy!

okie dokes - that's all outta me for today!
wish i could wear that little number out to the birthday party i'm out to tonight! ;)



rkinkoph said...

that painting's awesome! how big is it? and I love that dress.

lauren ashley said...

i'm in loooove with that dress!! :D

the painting is 18 x 24" - David totally dissed it on Facebook the other day! ha. ::shakes fist::