Monday, March 9, 2009

K squared {in the city}

i posted a shoot with kevin and kimberly a little while back after we shot downtown {ie: the nicky blaine's shoot post}. but there were ample more shots that i loved, so i'm doing yet another post with these two brilliant ballet dancers. :)

i just adore shooting ballet dancers because they not only have beautiful bodies but they have endless artistic poses. they never cease to 'WOW' me.
unfortunately, the lighting was really bad here so i couldn't get quite the effect i wanted, especially with the dancing shots - just too blurry. these two are so dynamic and steamy in front of a camera, it's just a blast shooting them!

enjoy the steaminess of the K squared duo!

i'm in love with this one ... SO Eternity by Calvin Klein. :P

now, how incredible is this?!

these {see above and below} are two of my favs from this shoot - crack me up! kev looks particularly clark kent-ish here. {hot :) }

a wee bit angsty, but i love it, ha.

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Ashley said...

"How incredible is this?" Pretty incredible! That is such a beautiful shot of a man. It is such and un natural pose -but he makes it look completely natural ,you have a great eye.