Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Vera, in Indy?!?

why yes - Vera Wang was in Indy, well in fashion spirit rather than in the flesh, but it was fabulous nonetheless. ;)

cute, but kinda pregger-ish, no?


i was able to catch the bridal gown fashion show at the swanky Conrad Hotel thanks to my fab fellow fashionista friend, gabrielle poshaldo.
there were amazing hors d'oeuvres, wedding cake vendors (my personal fav ;)), and gowns (of course!).
i don't know if i found my future gown but if i had to pick from this group it would be ...

THIS little number. ;)

BEST cake vendor EVER - this little wonder was filled w/ ganache!! ... i only wish i could recall the company! she's in noblesville ...

my 2nd fav.

ok, tied for 2nd. :)

prettily etherial.

beautiful detail.

a tad too sheet-esque for moi.

work it, work it.

Eee! SO cute!

AWE-SOME train.

ginormous flower = ms. bradshaw = J'ADORE. ;)

personally, this was my favourite model.

yummy Conrad eats ...

whew! this was a long-un! all in the name of designer bridal, dahling. ;)



Dana Sease said...

Absolutely gorgeous! {the pictures AND the dresses!}

indykari said...

Hi Lauren - This is Karissa, my bf and I were at the Conrad with Andrea & Cory and we met there. Your photos are fabulous, I'm happy I found your blog!

That first dress is your post is gorgeous, but I had the same reaction as you -- made the model look a little preggo!

And those cupcakes!! They were divine, really -- the baker is called Heavenly Sweets. :)

lauren ashley said...

THANKS SO MUCH for the comments, ladies! :D

i'm glad you found my blog, too, kari! SO excited you could tell me the name of that baker! those are some of the best cupcakes i've ever had!