Tuesday, March 24, 2009

chillin' with the Clark clan.

i visited my pals, the Clarks, the other weekend and got the chance to snap some family pics. i hardly get to use my macro lens and this was a pretty perfect opportunity so i was especially excited - not to mention, i got to meet Charlie and Christina's new baby girl, Mazzy {below}. ^_^

i love these guys!
the kids {little charlie + emmie} are in love with the camera and FULL of energy. it was SO fun goofing around with them while they rolled around on the floor.
mazzy wasn't quite as in happy to see my camera around as her older bro and sis, but i'm sure she'll warm to it in no time. ;)
i also must mention how AMAZING Christina looks after barely a month since giving birth to sweet wittle mazzy!!

enjoy the silliness and family love!


i didn't try to scare her, i swear it!

drooley girl!

a teen heartbreaker in the making ...

i'm feelin' the LOVE. :)

little charlie and emmie = some of the CUTEST kiddies i know.

who on earth doesn't LOVE baby feets?

one of my FAVS. ^_^

it was just a teensiest bit hard to get the kids to sit still for these, ha.

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Dana Sease said...

Aww, they're all great...I especially love the last pic -- the candid family shot because everyone looks so happy :)