Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lady in Red.

Recently I attended this cool Indianapolis 3-day photography conference at the Omni Severin in downtown Indy called OSP Indy.

I discovered it through a photog friend of mine. It was VERY cool and informative for young photogs like myself!
It was a fantastic way to network and learn about photography do's and don'ts, trends, business tips, and the like.
I met loads of rad fellow photogs from across the MidWest - not just the Naptown. I was quite surprised at just how many folks from out of state attended this event, which was cool!

One of the most fun things {out of the many fun things ;)} we did was a retro fashion shoot with a few of our fellow photogs there. If you follow my blog in any way you know I go GA-GA for annnnything RETRO+VINTAGE, sooo I was THRILLED, to say the least, when I got to follow around Brandi Brown like paparazzi for a couple of hours. ;)

It was a breezy afternoon but we all had a blast shooting this hottie!

Snaps to photographer KC Ferrell for sponsoring the event. :)



Brandi channeling Ms. Mary Tyler Moore, heh.

Brandi and the City!

Lady needs a little primp.

I would simply looovvvve a pair of kicks like these!!

Now THIS is pure Brandi Brown!

Who wouldn't want a big, fat smooch from this hott mama?? :)

Room with a view ...

Getting cozy ...


Ashley said...

I think this is fantastic on many levels-your creative visions leave nothing to be desired as usual- but I find it refreshing seeing a more curvaceous woman being portrayed as classically sexy-the way it used to be !

indykari said...

Lauren - that looks like so much fun, such fabulous photos!

I'm working on a Mass Ave fashion event happening next week in the IndyFringe Building:

I think you'd have a blast and I'd love to invite you. Shoot me an email at