Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a springtime pic-a-nic

springtime kind of flew on in around indy - at least on certain days lately - on THIS day in particular!
thank the heavens it did on this lovely end-of-march afternoon because i've been DYING to do a shoot {without freezinnng my bum off! ;) }.

my GAWGEOUS model pal, erica t. and i planned a shoot this day, crossing our fingers for dreamlike weather like this and brainstormed a picnic-ish sort of alice in wonderland-esque scene ... once the theme was decided i prayed for great weather, and ran around my house, rumbling around for kitschy, cute, picnic materials {ha}.
stuffed animal picnic partners were a must, and fortunately we could both supply those - dorky, eh? :)

then, i hopped over to the market {yes, market} for some pretty, scrumptious sweets for erica and i to play with in the shots - YUM. i must say, we had a GRAND ole time chowing down on reese peanut butter eggs, fresh multi-coloured peeps, iced cookie and gooey cakes! ::smacks lips at the memory::

i took some shots in other locales, so stop by again soon to check out those darlings! ... McDonald's and jumping are involved ... ;)

enjoy the sweetness, just in time for Easter!


here, erica t. is imagining she's a snooty heiress ::laughing snootily::. :)

i picked up this cutie cake simply because i adored its polka dots!

raspberry-chocolate cake joy on her face. :)

this cookie was ridiculously DELISH!


amcsmith75 said...

I love these! They totally remind me of the Gwen Stefani album from a few years ago. And that polka dot cake? LOVE IT!


lauren ashley said...

THANKS SO MUCH, April! ^_^

Amy Carroll said...

So hungry for tasty desserts now! What a fun shoot and pictures!

It was great meeting you at OSP Lauren! :)

Dana Sease said...

Looks like a blast!! This is my kind of "pic-a-nic" :)