Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Peeps, Roses & Red Heads - Oh, My!

As promised, a continuation of my springtime pic-a-nic shoot with my darling, Erica T. :)
I certainly hope you're not tired of her! hehe.

I can't recall if I mentioned this in my last post, but I got to use my maco lens here - which I LOVE but hardly use, to my chagrin (whoa, I think I just used a college word there!). So, I had a ton of fun getting these close ups on Erica and some of the pretty wittle things we brought along on that dreamy spring day.

I'm also happy because the macro helps display her makeup {which yours truly did, hehe} - she can totally pull off the pretty pale purple, don'tchya think?

I tried doing the whole baby doll/geisha lips look: dark red in the center of her lips - pale face - dots of blush per cheek, to give her a dolly/Alice in Wonderland look. Alas, it didn't look too hot once it was done, so we kept it a bit more simple. Come to think of it, the sparkly candy is just enough sugary overload for this shoot anyhow. :)

Enjoy the Peep massacre, just in time for Easter! ;)


You, bite the head off of that sweet, innocent, fluffy Peep, girl!

Yeah, Reeses Peanut Butter eggies!! An Easter holiday snack MUST. ;)

The macro REALLY showed off with the creamy, lusciousness of that cake ... Mmm!

One of my favs.


Ray said...

Good stuff. That macro lens is sweet. I really like the ones with the rose.

Dana Sease said...

Very nice up-close shots! You did a good job on the make-up, too. :)

Hooray for Peeps! Instead of eating them on picnics, I enjoy blowing them up in the microwave. ;) hehe