Saturday, May 23, 2009

Pre-senting Preemie {Ben}!

At a little over 5 lbs, Ben Allen came as an early arrival the day after Mothers Day {great timing, eh?}.
I was thrilled and honored when his parents, my friends Craig and Kelli, asked me to do their family portraits and birth announcements featuring their newest family member!

Luckily for C+ K, Ben is a handful merely in the physical sense thus far. :)
Big bro, Brady {age 3}, seems timidly excited about his new little bro {SO CUTE}.

Ben didn't seem to enjoy playing model - he wailed for most of our visit, sadly. Or, maybe it was just the sheer terror of being taken from his warm, cozy blanket wrap to lie nude 'n' chilly in front of a stranger?? {I know I probably wouldn't enjoy the experience!}

I've been friends with C + K for years, most of them being sans kiddies, so it's been really fun and exciting to see their family forming. It'll be so cool to see Ben grow!


Daddy 'n' Ben.

Proud mama!

A peaceful moment in between nude shots ... PRECIOUS!

I loved using my macro lens on his tootsies! :)

Big bro, Brady, attempting to comfort his new bro.

One of my personal FAVS.

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