Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hot Wheels.


these hot wheels make that noise without even running, they're so cool. :)

i know auto-related photos aren't my usual fair, HOWEVER, i spent last saturday as a volunteer photographer for the annual Indy On Wheels car show at my church, Westlake Community Church of God. i figured i might as well show off the lovely vehicles and give my church a little plug, eh?
plus, i DO quite enjoy posh, classic cars. ;)

stay tuned for some stunning shots of my pal, Stephanie - from past blogs here.



who knew the innards of a car could be so pretty? ;)

this little cutie's ride that day was a wittle red wagon!

my fav - the car + the colour. :)

wicked coolness {tied for fav}.

a gal you may recognize {i couldn't get over how adorable those fakie trays + food are!}.

notice anything slightly, erm, pervy dangling from this vehicle ... ??

hello, there. :)

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