Saturday, May 9, 2009

Gabrielle's Field Frolick.

On a lovely May evening just this past week, I met up with my pal and fellow blogger fashionista Gabrielle.

My fab friend needed some photographs of herself for her blog, you see.
She originally wanted to be in a corn field, as suggested by the subhead of her blog. Alas, May just isn't the time to find corn fields for frolicking! ::tear::

Fortunately, i had some pretty grassy clearings in mind already. :)

Gabrielle and i skipped and trudged our way through weeds and marshland to the get these pics - and boy do i enjoy them! She just couldn't be cuter, eh?

By the time we were through, the two of us had VERY wet, muddy feet, and quite a few mosquito bites. Ooh, the price of outdoorsy photography!

Enjoy, and happy mothers day, of course!


Hello, beautiful! Check out Gabrielle and her style secrets at

How can you not frolick through marshland without chuckling? ;)

All tuckered out from her field jaunt.

On the cutting edge of beauty and fashion - rocking the tree branch head piece couture ... :P

Goofy + sophisticated = just the way i like her! :)